Thursday, February 10, 2005

My Temporary Son by Timeri Murari

My Temporary Son is a real life narration of an aged couple Tim & Maureen, whose life suddenly takes a change with the temporary entry of an abnormally sick, fragile orphan kid who had to undergo series of serious surgeries for surviving. Anachronously, the boy is named Bhima. Murari’s writing is just reliving of his whole period of life from the birth of Bhima(boy was born with his bladder outside the abdomen and abandoned by its natural parents in an orphanage), the discard, entry, enjoyment of his growth and exit. Book journey thru Murari’s childhood, growing, preferences, love affairs, likes and dislikes, opinions, his family members, friendship, happiness, frustrations. Tim writes ‘… that love had more substance and sustenance than food and drink; it was the buoy that had kept them afloat in the freezing waters of old age’.

The book also describes the most convoluted procedure of adoption and the exasperating rules and regulations prevailing in India. It projects the shocking state of the orphaned children in our country, apathy of the officials, indifference of the public, concern on the ever enlarging population, above all the deplorable conditions of living in India irrespective of one’s financial background. The book may be a useful guide for those who want to adopt a kid from India (will anyone after reading this book?) with the model legal documents and procedures as Appendices.

Its must read book if your intention is to adopt an orphan from india.

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Lotus Reads said...

I have had this book sitting on my shelf for longest time....I do not intend adopting a child, but I was fascinated by the blurb on the back of the book and decided to buy it. I'm glad you think it's a worthwhile read and I would like to know more about the rather complex system for adoption in INdia so I am glad this book covers that.