Sunday, August 28, 2005

Love in the time of Cholera by Garcia Marquez

Love in the time of Cholera by Garcia interlocked love stories with various relationship between men and women at Caribbean seaport. plotted in backdrop of the ravaging civil war. this story encapsulates love, desire, jealously, death, and passion.

During my spain visit one of my local friend suggested this book to me(otherwise I would not be aware of this book).Heard its very famous in spainish land and translated in english in later years.

The story revolves around Florentino Ariza, who is overwhelmed by Fermina (her teenage beauty and her gait). Exchange of love letters under the supervision of Fermina's Aunt Escolastica results in a disaster as Fermina's father, Lorenzo Daza discovers them and decides to take his daughter away from the port and Florentino because of his class.

Florentino is mad about the Daza, and chases her with letters and poetry. And just as success is within reach, the Daza is snatched away by a father who believes in making a match in the same class...yes yes...I know, it is not exactly the way I described above... actually, Florentino tracks our Daza's travel itinerary and keeps in touch with her through letters. Totally impressed with his ingenuity, she returns - when her pop thinks it is safe - to be reunited with her lover. But our heroine-made-wiser-by-travel realises that distance makes hearts grow fonder and that reality is not as sweet - or handsome. So, she avoids him like cholera and marries an eligible paris-returned Dr.Juvenal Urbin. They are happy as many married couples are, getting used to each other though not in love. with the usual ups and downs. All this while, our hero has a strange way of nurturing his love for her. He starts a series of ’’affairs’’ sleeping with women but never marrying any. Why love, why in the times of cholera..._0 meanwhile Dr.Urbino dies in an accident chasing parrot of age of 82.. there be culminating the marriage of convenience..

At the fag end of their life, they finally manage to fall in love with each other all over again and find togetherness amidst the epidemic of cholera, as Florentino Ariza remarks, Love becomes greater and nobler in calamity, amidst the nauseating stench of corpses floating down the river,and the vast silence of a ravaged land.

Interesting to note this book is very different from fairytale love stories (no..not that I hate fairytale) it puts love in a different plane. Its not the average romantic novel with a couple of protagonists and their experiences and passions. It may have been set in a distant land by the Caribbean a long time ago but it is as relevant in this part of the world at present when the world is being torn apart by wars. Everlasting love in the times of war and disease.. it still possible, no matter however cynical one is.

The book is very well written with no sagging moments. The characters are not stereotypes. The heroine is as worldly as one can be, and the hero as obsessed. The author obviously knows the character types well and has portrayed them true to life. He reveals a deep knowledge of human behaviour and relationships. It is a good novel to read...

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