Monday, June 19, 2006

The Firm by John Grisham

The Firm by John Grisham, is legal thriller.

Story is about Mitch an Harvard law graduate, married to his girlfriend from college. Mitch takes an job offer from Memphis with a great pay, house, car.. ignore offer from other big law firms in New yOrk. Initial days of working at Memphis was great and he worked hard to get chance to become a partner in few years. Suddenly, Mitch's co-workers die in an accident. Later he learn from FBI agent that the law firm is a cover for Italian Mafia. They have a system in which new lawyers are successfully lured into the firm with promises of secure wealth. By the time a lawyer knows its actual operations, he cannot leave. No lawyer has actually quit the firm alive. He soon learns that his house, office and even his car are bugged. Finally, Mitch manages to escape plot from the firm and steal million dollars from various bank accounts belonging to the firm and also giving enough evidence to FBI to bust the firm. Mitch and his family are shown quietly enjoying their newfound wealth in the Caribbean.

This made me wondering in real sense.. The Firm is fairly a typical: a young man who is so stupid as to not realize he's just joined a Mafia-front law firm, is still smart enough to outwit the Mob and the Feds. The only interesting issue that I can think of here is that we're supposed to overlook things like his greed, infidelity and general callowness because he's the little guy going up against the big guys. This seems to capture Grisham's essential view of life: little guy good, big guy bad.

If you remove your logic hit then book is good read and the movie did justice to the book.

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