Friday, December 08, 2006

The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh

The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh,.. focuses on Sunderbans - a vast archipelago of islands lying below Calcutta on the gulf between India and Bangladesh.

Two travelers explore in forest of Sunderbans. Piya, a scientist -- Indian grewup in American of Indian, is researching about river dophins which are inhabit in tidal waters and Kanai, an translator and businessman from Delhi, is visiting his aunt to receive an old notebook written by his uncle before his died. Piya with illiterate boatman, Fokir, to guide her through the backwaters is in search for the dolphins and Kanai accompany her as a translate. Conflict between the three triggers each to learn about themselves during the face dangers at Sunderban.

Sunderban is explained in detailed, about its history and precarious ecology of the endangered river dolphins and Bengal tiger living on these waterlogged islands and their conservation project. Kanai's uncle's notebook reveals the shocking story of the Morichjhapi incident, where tens of thousands of displaced refugees try and settle on one of the uninhabited islands but are violently evicted by the government in the name of conservation.

Even with very different characters with different mind-sets, Author questions about human's role in nature. A suspenseful drama of love and survival that has particular resonance in the aftermath of the December 2004 tsunami.

The Hungry Tide is a compelling book about ordinary people bound together in an exotic place that can consume them all. It's the basest of human emotions, love, jealousy, pride, and trust.

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Radha said...

Hi yuva, you've got a great blog & particularly liked this review.

I loved 'The Hungry Tide'... beautifully sketched characters & relationships. Also, its a great commentary on the relationship between the urban upper class people & the rural poor in India, & their prejudices about each other.