Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Lucifer Effect : Understanding How Good people turn Evil

The Lucifer Effect : Understanding How Good people turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo, is Book which re-examine human capabilities when caught up in the crucible of behavioral dynamics. Also, how we can exercises our capabilities in resisting evil actions and teach ourselves to be more heroically. Philip Zimbardo is Stanford University Professor explains Stanford Prison Experiment, a now-classic study which he conducted in 1971. with this he explain why human do things they do, what makes s/he to do so.
“The Lucifer Effect” represents this most extreme transformation imaginable from God’s favorite Angel into the Devil. My work has focused on lesser transformations of human character not as dramatic as this one, in which ordinary, even good people begin to engage in bad deeds, for a short time or longer, that qualify as “evil.”
Book has answers for -- why Virgin Tech incident, British Sail capturing, Abu Ghraib, etc.. happened and How we can avoid such incidents in future.

and with this I hope someone from Bush Administration is reading this book to understand the meaning of word "evil".

If you are interested in human psychology then this book is very good read.

FYI - If Interested... with similar subject, BBC documentary explore human behaviour which created 'Century of Self' and Discovering Psychology: The Power Of The Situation with Philip Zimbardo

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