Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If god was a banker by Ravi Subramanian

Bought this book in airport book shop for transit reading and 'Banker' in the title attracted me to this book. First impression- good read(not great). Its typical Indian movie story- story is about fresher men from B-school who rise corporate ladder in MNC bank, one the honest way(Swaminathan) and the other(Sundeep Srivastava) the dishonest way. ofcourse in the end, dishonest guy realize his mistakes. All right, book is fictional but still bad guy is very guy and good guy is too good. That to me, is suspense killer and book become very predictable.

Nevertheless book is decent, narrative is simple(especially if you have exposure to banking industry), easy to read and its good walk-thru of ugly side of power/money.

Will recommend for lite read over flight journey or if you like typical masala movie then you will like this as well. But if you are choosey then you can do away with this book and you wouldn’t be missing anything.


Anonymous said...

i read this book, liked the subtle concept converyed but once thing ravi has to take care while writing next time is that kindly donot go into details of sex and their description, it leaves a negative thought with the reader

Amona said...

Bought this book from Oxford Book Shop at Chennai, selected by my gal friend, and this book is supposed to be placed at Sex/Kama section.........

Indeed the above critics , the book has well narrated the tale of two extreme human behaviour in a Business scenario.

Equal weightage has been given to the characters. Must read book for the Ex-emp of Grindlays / Standchart, since it recemble many real incidents and near original characters names.

Hats off the the Writer for the Simple Language and exhaustitve coverage on the Subject .

If Ravi reads this then do contact me in

Golden Quill said...

I like Ravi Subramanian’s books and he is a great person. The best part is his book 'If God was a Bankerr' is now nominated among the best 5 books for the Goldenquill award organised by Indiaplaza. He is one among my most favorite Indian authors. You can find more details at I think he is one among the best.

deep said...

BTW he is not only a good writer but also a great professional to work with :)

One word that describes him the best is PRACTICAL.He is really a great leader.

Deep Bhatia