Friday, February 29, 2008

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

The Secret History by Donna Tartt, was recommended by my good friend/ex-boss and almost immediately I find this book on sale at Bankside. Without second thought and haven’t read any reviews about this book before hand- I bought this book. I wasn’t disappointed.

Story based in small liberal art fictional college at velmort, where small group(Charles, Camilla, Henry, Bunny, Francis) of elite students who signed up ancient greek course. Julian Morrow, professor of course accepts only few students every year. Richard Papen who recently relocate from California from a life which he was desperate to live behind. He finds myself initially unable to signup for ancient greek classes and later not just manage to join but gradually get to know the other student in the group. He later finds out that Bunny was blackmailing fellow-mates about a crime their committed during an effect to recreate greek ancient bacchanal. when Bunny’s intention become questionable, Richard had to decide to side with other friend to kill Bunny to cover up. Aftermath of Bunny’s dead is the second half of the book, in which group collapses with psychological stress. Professor Julian finds truth eventually and decided to leave the college without making crimes public and letting the students to deal with their problem in isolation.

Its a philosophical fiction with ethical, moral dilemmas. Although with no big surprises, journey of the characters in situations and they aftermath scrambling- that I find very interesting.

It sure is very exciting page turner. I would highly recommend.

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